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Friday, May 25, 2012

Back to the book again...

I've been inspired lately to get back to sharing my life story in the hopes of helping others. I just sat this morning and re read all of my blog posts as I had no idea where I stopped. It seems that I had just moved back to my parents garage as it was the only space they had available. I would have been around 22 or 23 years old at the time.
You see it didn't matter to me. For the past two years I had been smoking crack and dealing drugs with a die hard group of individuals that weren't very smart, but they were very serious about hurting you if the right rules weren't being followed. It was a time when I had no fear of the police or anything for that matter. I had made some friends who were active with the Klu Klux Klan and I was either high or drunk for most waking hours of my life.
Some major crimes had just been comitted and I knew the whole deal was about to blow wide open. I needed to seperate myself for I feared for my life and I didn't want to go back to jail again. You see above I just claimed that I had no fear of anything. The reality of it was that the only thing at the time that was important to me was a fresh opportunity to set up operations with a fresh group of people. So that I could continue on with my mediocore existence of getting stoned and just getting by. (I only feared for my freedom and my existence, nothing else mattered)
So off to the other side of town I went to hang in a new bar with a new group of "friends" to see what kind of "fun" that I could get myself into.
I actually chilled a little at the time. I got back to work at my job and had stopped selling drugs for a little while. I had gotten off the crack and all of the hard stuff. It was back to work during the day, I'd spend the night at the bar and would fill in the gaps with pot and cocaine.
I needed a break from the madness. I watched a few people go down and the crimes were every where from selling drugs, to theft, to attempted homicide. I had managed to slip by this time and I was thankful for it.
It wouldn't be long however until the urge became too much for me. I had to get back in the game, this time with a new set of players and a new set of rules. I was getting a little older but none the wiser. The next chapter had begun...

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