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Friday, May 27, 2016

The Battle in the Brain

Hey all,

As promised I'm back with my weekly update. I had this post scheduled for later on the calendar but a phone call with a friend yesterday made me realize how important the topic is, not only to weight loss, but to everything we do in life.

So this weight loss battle that I've been doing. This time it has been unbelievably easy as compared to other times I've tried. I owe it all to a couple of things but number one to finding the right system. The system includes putting the right things into the body and getting the bad things out, it also includes a support system and a road map to get things done. It also includes coaching from others that have gone before. But the biggest thing that is required, is the belief that you too can accomplish it. (hence the battle in the brain).

I related the image above of Bugs Bunny fighting  Homer Simpson to today's subject.From what I know of Homer he is always down and believing that the world is against him and Bugs, well Bugs just goes through life getting what he wants. I don't know the outcome of this boxing match but I'd put my money on the rabbit.

I'm sure Homer had a teacher in life or a father figure that taught him all of his lovely habits. You see Homer let his subconscious mind rule his world vs Bugs who was a guy who took control and didn't listen to the status quo.

The point I'm trying to make is that we all have our demons. Most of us have not been taught the proper way to think and many of us have had other people in our lives who have drug us down. This stuff gets embedded into our brains and our brains control our world. I've read that your subconscious brain is the size of an elephant compared to your conscious thoughts that are the size of an ant.

(Read the Ant and the Elephant by: Vince Poscente)

The good news is - if you try really hard by getting around the right people, reading the right stuff and telling yourself the right things. Your ant can kick your elephants butt and start to turn things around for you. 

I'll use my weight loss as the example because thats my current mission. Many times through out the day, my elephant says "its time to get something to eat" and then my ant says "but you aren't even hungry you fool". If I would let my elephant control my life, I would fail once again. (old bad habits)

So be aware of your thoughts, when they are headed in the wrong direction make a conscious effort to change them and life will get better soon. 

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