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Welcome to my blog - My name is Jim Bull and I share this information with you in the hopes of helping you or a friend or family member in some way. Here you'll find motivational material, my views of life and some background info from my past. I help others live the life they've always wanted through the sharing of information regarding all areas of life.Please let me know how I can help you. Ezekiel 36:26

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Begin With the End in Mind.

Too many times when I begin a new project or when I'm trying to accomplish something I usually think about - what do I have to do first.

Well I have to tell you that this is the first mistake that I or you could make when trying to accomplish anything. Whether it be to win the big race, to get a date or to succeed in life.

Let me ask you this.

Which end of this donkey is really the end? Is it the rear end, or the front end.

You'll have to decide for yourself but the moral is - to begin with the end in mind.

If you want to be a national champion motocross racer then you need to start by seeing yourself standing on the podium with the crowd going wild. The press is there, you're mom is crying and your dad is telling everyone, that's my boy or girl.

If you begin visualizing this over and over in your mind, your body and your brain will take over and take the actions needed to make it happen.

It apply's to any area of life:

Picture getting the new job
Driving the new car
Walks on the beach with your sweet heart...

No matter what the goal - see it first, then the results will come.

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