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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Time to talk about this... Freak.

I've been wanting to post now for a few weeks but just haven't found the words. Due to recent events in my life both public and private I have decided its time to speak up. I know, they are only my words, but I believe words that need to be heard. Do I know what I'm talking about? I say yes and so many ahead of me do too. Do you care, you better. Is that the real problem in America? Do enough care to make a difference, or do we wait only until it affects us directly?

I know - I'm losing a bunch of you here - he's talking about caring, I'm not reading any further. (I recommend you do)

Ever since the Connecticut shootings I've been seeing all the news about gun control. I see all the cute signs posted here and there and have heard many opinions on the subject. I hear the press and the politicians rant. Why now, because 30 people were killed? Why not at the end of any given day in America where over 3000 abortions take place, do those children's lives not matter? I hear my teenage daughter say there's no good out there to be found. Is that what its come too? No good to be found? Is she right?

Since the beginning of time, men have had the desire to be evil. Since the days in Rome where people were fed to live animals for sport and yes here in our history when men and women where beaten because they didn't milk the cow properly, maybe they were fed to the dogs for trying to run away. Maybe they just fought to the death so other men could bet on them. When it was normal to carry a gun and if someone angered you, you shot them dead in their tracks and no one blinked an eye. Are we getting worse or are there just more of us, with better ways to communicate, to promote the agendas of the evil ones.

Not once have I heard since the Connecticut shootings, we need to raise better kids, we need to have more responsible parents or we need to ban the violent movies and the video games.  Not once have I heard we need to ban cars because over 90 people die each day in America in vehicle accidents. Not once have I heard that we need to teach good in our schools, not Algebra. Not once have I heard anyone say, we need God back in our lives.

No one is willing to face the truth, no one is standing up and telling us the truth. Does not anyone want to hear the truth? Is it because we don't know the truth?

The truth is until we have God back in our Schools, back in our Governments and back in our everyday lives nothing will change for the better. I know, I'm just another religious wacko right? People our country was founded around God and the Christian religion. Somewhere along the way it turned into religious freedom and then into I don't need any religion, it infringes on my rights.

No, you know what it does? It takes everything good away. It lets us not have to be responsible for our actions. It takes away the worry of having to offend someone. I say crap, it takes away our foundation for life, our ability to know right from wrong, our ability to function in a normal and happy society.

Whats wrong with the 10 commandments? Is it crazy that you shouldn't steal from your neighbor or sleep with his wife. Is it wrong to be taught - thall shall not kill. What the heck is wrong with you people?

See I'm getting fired up here - yeah I'm a Jesus Freak and until we teach the world how to be Jesus Freaks we're gonna keep having what we're having. Is that what we want, a society where its not safe to send your kids to school. Where everyone now wants to carry a gun just to protect themselves from the people who were never even given the chance to learn about God, because we might offend someone.

I say - you are the wackos. Find a bible or someone who has a bible and ask them to teach you about it. Lets fight for our rights as citizens of a free country and get whats important back in our lives. Today, find your biggest enemy and tell them your sorry. It will be alright, even if they laugh at you, its ok. Talk to your kids, ask them what they're up to, oh - turn the TV off first. Better yet - throw it out the window.

Yeah, I'm a radical....

Actually not, I live a normal life, have fun and enjoy the best God has to offer every day. I recommend you do too because tomorrow may never come.

Stay tuned - you can bet there's more coming soon.

Jim Bull - Jesus Freak

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