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Friday, February 24, 2012

Excellence vs Mediocrity

I started to write this post yesterday but then I stopped. Many times when I think about the above comparison I stop and say, go easy on people, nobodies perfect and everyone makes mistakes. I know I make my share. I remember back to when my son was playing ice hockey at a pretty competitive level. I used to complain all the time about the kids on the ice that didn't give it their all and about their parents who were always saying
"It doesn't matter if they win or lose - as long as they have fun". I say crap...
It's this kind of teaching that is allowing our youth to be soft, to expect everything to be done for them, for everything to be fair - unfortunately life is not that way and future generations will suffer because of it.
Now I know that this could open up many areas of discussion and I know that most people agree with the above statement. My own son even called me out on it one day while he was sitting on the starting line for a motorcycle race. I said to him, take it easy, it doesn't matter how you finish son, as long as you finish safe. He was about twelve at the time and he said to me - "Dad, then why are you always complaining when the kids on the hockey team don't give it their best"?
It was a defining moment in time where I was about to teach my son another life lesson. The difference as I see it is this. When playing on the team, especially at the AA level, as a team member you have to play with excellence and not mediocrity. The whole team is counting on you and if you want to play at a lessor level then join a group that is not as competitive. Now when racing the motorcycle, your results are only based on the effort you put out. How you perform doesn't affect anyone but yourself. You really should operate at your best effort possible - but the result only affect you.
There are not many things that work that way in life, individual sports is one of the only things that come to mind. In most professions or families it takes teamwork to be successful . In my businesses I find myself always depending on other peoples efforts to achieve a high level of quality service. It seems however that most people only want to operate at about half speed. I know most of us don't like policies or rules, myself included. Here's the thing though, if you take a position or agree to play by certain rules, then do it. Do it to the best of your abilities each and every time you do it. You don't know who you're going to affect if you don't or if you do.
I hear people say all the time, I need a raise. You know what I say, work like you just got one then maybe you'll get one. You have to give to get. Perform at your best at all times and you'll make a difference not only in the lives of others but in your life too.
Go ahead, give it a try - I dare you.


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  2. I especially think this is true when we think about our relationship with God. This should be the first place we should demonstrate excellence.


    1. I agree Vicki. If we demonstrate excellence with God the rest will be a piece of cake. He makes us so many promises and we sometimes forget that all we need to do is ask him for his help and he will be there.