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Friday, September 9, 2011

A Week With The Kid

My new little buddy Aiden is now a week old. Actually it was official yesterday and tomorrow he'll be home for a week. What a change around here, we've talked about it for the last 6 months. About how it was going to change all our lives and now the reality is finally beginning to set in.
Most of the time he is a very good little dude. As I am typing he is beginning to squawk. Boy can the kid squawk,turn it on, turn it off. But overall he is a great little baby. The sounding off at two in the morning is definitely a new sound in our household but it really doesn't bother you that much. After all you know its just another Bull kid learning the ropes. How can that be bad.
Anyhow, I gave Jess the new Mom of the week award today. She is doing so well, especially for her age. I can picture many young girls her age struggling tremendously with the task at hand. She's had a few brief moments but all in all she has adapted very well and I expect her to be the new Mom of the month before long.
So we have the smelly diapers, the crying in the middle of the night. The constant struggle to try and figure out what he needs now and the new lack of sleep. Life couldn't be any better if you ask me. Props to Aiden and Jess and oh yes, Grammy Deb too. Who do you think gets the kid fired up most of the time? As soon as he's content, she wants to play. Thank God for Grammy, she is the rock that makes the whole family rock.

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  1. awww dadd, thats soo cuute! we love you sooo much :)