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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Three Week Blur

I remember years gone by when I was into the party scene that I could forget entire evenings and sometimes weekends depending on the size of the bash and how much hard liquor I would consume. But the the last couple of weeks are almost the same or even more of a blur than those days from long ago.
My bouncing baby G son was born three weeks ago today, matter of fact just a half an hour ago it was official. I taught Aiden how to count to 100 today for his 3 week birthday gift. I know kinda korny, but that's what paps do.
In the last couple of weeks I've traveled by car over 2000 miles, I've had deadlines for two publications, I've changed countless poopy diapers and I am probably sleeping less hours a night than more. Sometimes Jess looks at me and says dad, when did he eat or sleep last? She's been writing most of it down but boy is it easy to forget.
I thought I better get back to my blog and at least talk about something. I can't even image continuing on with the blog book for now. I know it will come back soon but for now we're just living day to day. How do you do it you ask? It only takes one look at the little stinker and the energy comes rushing right back and your ready to go again. At least till the next task is done.
For those of you following along with the story, thanks for your patience. I just ask that you stay tuned in and it's most likely I'll talk about something. TTYL - the pap.

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