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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Lessons from the Congo - repost

I believe I wrote this for a church newsletter 3 - 4 years ago, but I can't say exactly when. I found it on my hard drive today while looking for some other material and thought it worth sharing.

Lessons from the Congo
By: Jim Bull

Every Sunday when I wake I wonder to myself, what lesson will I learn at church today? My family and I started attending New Danville about six months ago and I can honestly say that it was Gods Hand that led us here. The congregation has welcomed us with open arms and every time I attend I feel God working in my life and see him making a difference in my family’s life. 

This past Sunday would be no exception. As I awoke I remembered that we had a combined service and I told my family that we should get to Church a little early, that it was going to be crowded. I forgot completely however that we were having visitors from half way around the world.

As the service started the pastor from one of our sister churches took the stage and gave us some background on our visitors and then their worship team took the stage. They sang in a combination of English and French and my first impression was wow, this is really loud and it’s really not the way I worship.

Secondly I saw my young grandson and he seemed a bit afraid and I knew that his mother had been suffering from a migraine headache for a week. I’ll just be honest with you here because God already knows, I thought to myself, maybe we should have just stayed home today.

A few minutes into their singing however I could see the joy from the group in the message they were sharing. I saw members from the congregation with their hands in the air and people on their knees praising God. I looked at my daughter to try and get a read on her thoughts and she says to me, “Dad, this is awesome”. I asked her how her head was and she said it’s the first time in days that she had no headache. Yes, God is in control.

As the worship team finished and Pastor Maurice and his wife took the stage I was finding myself mesmerized in the message and totally impressed in the way that they praised and worshipped God. As they told their story I thought to myself about how weak my faith is at times, about how Iittle I really do to serve my God, the same God that they serve.

And again I hate to say it, but I thought it so I’ll share it. About how we as Americans and I’ll speak for myself here. About how I take for granted what God has provided for me and my family.  About how selfish I am with Gods message. About how I can set in a pew on Sunday mornings and not jump completely out of my skin for my love for Jesus. About how I can worship on Sunday knowing what Pastor Maurice and his family knows and not go sing it to the world.

I thank God that he delivered our Congo brothers and sisters to New Danville last Sunday morning. For their trials and tribulations and for the message of joy and thankfulness they share because of it. For their sold out belief that God is the only reason we exist, that he is leading the way and for reminding me that we need to be joyful and share the message of Jesus Christ to the world.

May God continue to bless their efforts and may they continue to be faithful to him. I know I am better for it.

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