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Friday, July 19, 2013

"The Rut"

It's a very general term that could apply to a number of things in life. To some it may mean its soon time for hunting season, the Buck or male dear get into a frenzy. Ok we'll stop there, this is after all a G rated website. There is also the rut that you could get your bicycle or motorcycle tire stuck in which usually leads to disaster as the rut will lead you just where you don't want to go. Then there's "the rut" that I'm referring too with this story.

Now, the older I get the more certain I become that this particular rut will lead to disaster. I am approaching another birthday and my youngest asked me the other day "just how old are you going to be daddy" (yes, she still calls me daddy) and like always I had to stop and think. I don't believe they've ever accepted the 12 year old angle I throw at them every year, but then on the other hand, maybe they do.

Now to most I know that the number really isn't important however the thing that struck home was the fact that I'm approaching the halfway point in life and that is only if the Lord blesses me greatly. We started talking about how long I've been doing a particular thing and that's when it hit me. man dude you're stuck in a rut.

Now don't get me wrong, I could be doing something a whole lot worse with my life. I mean I get to do something I'm passionate about. I get to uplift others while I do it and I get to do it seven days a week and anywhere from 8 to 15 hours a day. Oh - maybe that's it, the rut causer. Aren't you supposed to be happier the more you get to do something you love? Well I guess that depends entirely on the circumstances now doesn't it.

So here's the awakening I had last week.

Yes I enjoy what I do (except for the part where I never get to spend time with my family)

Yes I make OK money (except for the fact that its only a little more than what I was making 10 years ago and the cost of everything else has tripled)

Yes, I could be unemployed or doing something I hate ( I believe that in our rich society one can have whatever one puts their mind too)

Yes its better than it used to be (the most I work in any given day is only about 15 hours)

Stop!! There is a better way.

Isn't it funny how we can have the golden egg sitting right in front of us but we're afraid to crack the shell and see whats inside.

God created us all for greatness, not to live in a rut. Don't believe that things can't get any better and don't be afraid to change and find out.

I'm guilty, but not anymore. Follow me, I'll show you how.  The Golden Egg

 Am I the only one or does anyone else feel like they're caught in a rut?

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