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Thursday, June 7, 2012

But I Haven't Done Anything Wrong

Another night that will forever be etched in my brain. I'll never forget it, I was at work right about closing time and my new wife called. She said "Jimmy, the police were just here looking for you". I asked her what they wanted and she said they wouldn't say but they did ask her if I was still at work. I told her to sit tight and that I would be in touch.
At that moment about a million things rushed through my mind. What now I thought, I had been cleaning up my act. Yes, I was still partying but I hadn't sold any drugs in a number of months. I was sticking close to Debby and was really playing it pretty straight. Of course there were any number of actions in my past that could have prompted them wanting to talk to me.
I looked at my boss and said, "I gotta go and I'm not sure if I'll be here tomorrow". He's like, hold on. Whats happening? I told him that the police were on their way and that I had to get out of there before they arrived. He then asked me what I had done and I explained, I haven't done anything illegal in a long time. He then suggested that I stick around to see what they wanted. As I contemplated this I started moving toward the front door because I was out of there.
It was too late, as I went through the office door here came two officers through the front door of the bike shop. They had saw me so I decided to try my bosses route after all. As I approached them they asked me if my name was Jim Bull and before I could reply properly they had me in hand cuffs and were reading me my rights.
I had no idea why they were arresting me and my boss inquired as he knew both of these officers personally. You see we had a gun shop in the back of the motorcycle store so Skip knew most of the local police. They did business there. When they wouldn't share with him what was going on I knew something big was going down.
Just as they were placing me in the back of the patrol car my wife came pulling into the parking lot. She frantically approached the cruiser with all of her 8 months of beautiful pregnancy with her and asked what was happening.
All they would tell her and my yet to be born child was that I was going to the police department, to go home and wait and she would later get a phone call from me.
Turns out that old friend of mine that we bumped into in the bar a couple of times was working undercover with the police. You see he had been busted with pounds of cocaine in his possession and he had cut a deal with the police to help take down all of the dealers in the bar we were working out of.
The crimes had been committed almost a year prior but they were just wrapping up their investigation. The first thing they told me is, we don't want you Bull, that if you can help us out that the judge would look kindly on that. After all, you don't want your new wife to have to raise your new child all by herself do you?
I made a decision at that moment, one that would be tough on both Deb and the new baby. I took my chances as we headed for the magistrate. Yes, Mr. Bull - your bail is set at $100,000.00. It cost me $10,000.00 to get out of jail that night. Deb was due in less than a month and I was determined not to let her go through the birth alone. We had a deposit on a piece of land, our first born was due in less than a month and here I was, screwing up again...

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